NHA Advisors continues to be leader in creative financing solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The principals of NHA Advisors have over 20 years of experience in developing financing programs to meet the need of public agencies for green projects. During this time, NHA Advisors has been at the forefront of innovation in green finance, serving as the original financial architect to PACE and numerous other financing programs.

Our Experience

What is a “green project”?

Green Projects consist of energy efficiency or renewable energy projects that improve the performance of public facilities and reduce the demand for electricity and/or other fuel sources.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency projects include many forms of energy efficiency improvements such as HVAC replacement, insulation, window replacement, roofing, water system improvements (low-flow, drip irrigation), water heater replacement, pump replacement, building envelop improvements and energy management systems.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy projects include the use of renewable energy sources such as photo voltaic (solar), fuel cell, or solar thermal.

Case Studies