City of Novato – Green Finance Case Study

NHA Advisors was one of the early specialists in the use of the clean and renewable energy bonds (“CREBs”). Through a special federal tax credit program, qualifying public agencies were able to sell CREBs for renewable energy-type projects. NHA Advisors helped the County of Marin identify and analyze the feasibility of applying CREB allocations to more than 20 public agencies throughout the County. As part of our work with the County and the Marin Community Foundation, we guided the City of Novato and Dixie School District through the entire CREBs process, from project feasibility through financing through solar panel installation. Although these projects were relatively small when compared to many solar projects, NHA Advisors spent the necessary time and resources to bring these projects out of the ground for two public agencies that recognized the importance of providing green energy to their facilities.

CREBs Education