Drawing from its more than 125 years of combined experience, NHA Advisors provides a comprehensive set of financial advisory skills in California public finance. Our “big-picture” approach to each project helps to provide delivery of more than just a financing solution. Working from an advisory role, NHA Advisors does not enter into a project with the belief that a financing is the best solution. Instead, we evaluate all aspects of the funding needs for a project before developing a solution. As a result, many of our projects are ultimately financed with non-capital markets dollars (internal loans, state and federal funding programs, etc.) that either provide a better financing solution or deliver terms that better meet the needs of our clients.

NHA Advisors provides two primary roles for each of its clients – strategic financial planning and funding implementation. This division of services helps assure each client of a comprehensive, objective evaluation of each project financing prior to receiving a recommendation or selecting a financing solution. We believe that public agencies are best served when the evaluation of a project and its financing options are viewed independently from implementation, thereby keeping any recommendation uninfluenced by compensation that the financial advisor may receive under implementation.

NHA Advisors’ years of project financing experience helps to assure each client that the selected financing solution will be executed efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. Having completed hundreds of projects totaling billions of dollars, NHA Advisors understands the market, financing structures, and legal constraints attached to each project’s financing. In addition, our specific focus on California public agencies ensures an expertise unmatched by other firms.

Mission Statement

NHA Advisors was founded to make the process of public finance accessible and understandable for governmental entities as well as to help them achieve the lowest possible cost of financing. We strive to provide underserved agencies with access to financing to better meet the needs of their communities. Using our broad base of knowledge, we bring qualified parties together to create an effective collaboration that meets both public policy and private demands.