NHA Advisors works with public agencies to deliver optimal financial solutions for funding capital projects. Project experience includes City Hall, Library, Public Safety, Treatment Plant and Conveyance Systems, Roadways, Parking Garages, Convention Centers, Community Centers, Senior Centers, and Recreation Facilities. Information on these projects can be found here: (link to Types of Projects section of Municipal Advisory section).

NHA Advisors approaches each project from a comprehensive and holistic angle to identify the most efficient and optimal funding solution. This approach starts at a high level to quickly understand constraints and feasibility and develop a magnitude analysis providing the critical information necessary to make early decisions on moving forward or not while reducing the initial costs in the event the project financing strategy is deemed not feasible. Often, this high-level analysis is the most efficient way to educate our staff, policy makers and stakeholders as to the potential impact on ratepayers (i.e. for a voter approved GO, Parcel Tax or CFD/AD), the General Fund (i.e. for a lease/COP) or on an enterprise fund (i.e. for a utility revenue bond). This approach allows for full transparency to all stakeholders and ensures that unfeasible and/or more costly solutions are identified and eliminated early in the process.

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