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City of Rancho Cordova

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NHA Contributions: NHA Advisors has worked on over a dozen projects with the City since 2017. NHA Advisors takes the responsibility for understanding the City council objectives and overall goals of the City as it relates to each project that is introduced. While the finance team focuses on the technical aspects of the CFD formation, NHA Advisors manages the overall process and makes sure all policy objectives are met.

Project Completion: Ongoing

NHA Contact: Craig Hill and Rob Schmidt

Unique Characteristics of Project: The City of Rancho Cordova relies on the formation of community facilities districts (“CFD”) to fund infrastructure as well as maintaining service levels for new residential and commercial development in town. Most developments request the use of a CFD to partially fund project costs and the City works closely with its financing team on a regular basis to assess and develop specific CFD financing plans for each project.

Executive Summary: NHA Advisors works closely with City staff to review requests for CFD financing, assess the policy implications and over tax burden on impacted properties and future residents to develop CFDs that meet the City’s goals and policies and minimize the special tax levy. As a “newer” California City, Rancho Cordova, historically, has enjoyed the demand for new housing and projects to serve the Sacramento region.