NHA Clients Served*

2000 –

Map of NHA Clients

* Dots represent client engagements since 2000. Case studies provided for some, but not all of these engagements.

Case Studies by Type

Berkeley New Downtown Parking Garage – Parking Revenue Bond

Corning Utility Refinancing Addressing Technical Default

Yuba County/YCWA Road Project Financing Using Unique Revenue Source (SB 1 Funds)

Farmersville Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades (Multi-Funding Sources)

PVWMA SRF Loan Consolidation and Bond Refinancing

El Centro TAB Refinancing and Credit Rating Upgrade

CCWD CalPERS UAL Restructuring

CCSD Emergency Water Supply Project Financing

Davis Cannery Development CFD Financing

Oxnard Debt Portfolio De-Risking and Restructurings, Rating Upgrade & CD Clean Up

Lancaster Street Project Financing (Dedicated County Transportation Revenues)

Riverside Sewer Restructuring for Savings/Rate Management & Rating Upgrade

Riverside Pension Education, Analysis and UAL Restructuring

City of Industry TAB, Sales Tax and GO Bond Financing

Claremont USD GO Bond Elections and Bond Issuance

Newark Civic Center Project Financing (Sales Tax Revenue Pledge)

San Francisco Hospital and Street Project Refinancing

FORA Base Reuse Financing (Multi-Jurisdictional Negotiation)

Rancho Cordova Development Infrastructure CFD Financings

El Monte CalPERS/PARS UAL Restructurings

NCFPD Pension Financing (Non-City Agency)

Selma Police Station Project/General Obligation Bond Authorization

TDVA Tahoe South Events Center

Berkeley Affordable Housing General Obligation Bond Authorization

El Cerrito Short-Term Cash Flow Financing and Pension Prepayment

Napa Solid Waste Project/Green Bond Designation

Palmdale Citywide Assessment for Park & Recreation Projects

Case Studies by Practice Area

Our Complete Case Study Library*

*This case study library does not represent a complete list of current or past NHA’s engagements.